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Who Are We?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I can give you a beautiful description of who I think we are, or tell you how I have followed a lifelong path leading me to my purpose to guide others in finding their passions in life, but really we are all connected. My passion, helping you to find yours, all of it intertwining into a web of mystery and emotion we call life.

Our Story

Our team is composed of a passionate group of healers handpicked by the universe and trained by a Healing Arts Studio's certified Reiki Master!  Our company is grown from true love, passion, and curiosity for the truth.  Those that have been attracted to these qualities have found their way here and joined our team.  Every practitioner at the Healing Arts Studio will demonstrate the same level of deep care and concern in their own creative way.  The best part about our team is how unique we are as individuals.  Each team member comes with their own special talent and background that brings a spice to the mix that allows us to offer a one of a kind experience you will not find anywhere else.

Meet The Team


Dione Martinez

Executive Assistant

Our Clients

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