What is Reiki?

A Reiki therapist begins your healing session with breath work and guided visualization combined with aromatherapy to relax your mind and body while emotional blocks and disruptions in your Auric field and Chakra system are broken down and removed. Reiki focuses energy to flow through the palms of the hands onto specific areas of the body and will be performed as you lay in comfort, immersed in an ambiance of relaxation specifically designed to enhance your experience.

Sound Therapy raises your vibration by regulating brain waves and bringing balance and harmony to your circadian rhythm. This allows for restful sleep patterns to be regained, in turn causing a natural release of unhealthy attachments, behaviors and patterns.

Crystal Healing activates and energizes the mind and body at specific energy centers and when combined with other healing modalities, causes a powerful trifecta of healing to occur.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Let The Healing Arts Studio show you how to become healthier and happier without medication. Using scientifically proven techniques, we will aim to discover the root of the problem and create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what issues you’re facing.

Get ready to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back. Heal your inner child, face your demons, and find the person you were always meant to be.  Journey with me unlocking the mysteries of the mind to find what we are all looking for health, love, and happiness.

The only way to describe this experience is magical, though it is not the hypnosis you see on television or at a Vegas show. Set your fears aside and come for an amazing experience that will allow you to find a clear path to your inner being who will guide you to becoming your best self.